Manual pallet truck is the most common logistics handling equipment. It has a long history of development and mature product design and manufacturing processes. Various Brands trucks can be seen everywhere on the market. The wide range of application scenarios has also led to various problems, such as fork breakage, frame welding bursts, oil leakage from oil cylinders and other faults that trouble users and sellers. In addition to errors in usage, many product details also determine whether the manual truck is durable. The HERO brand aims to provide the market with high-quality logistics handling products in terms of reducing failure rates, improving production efficiency, and reducing hidden costs. The HERO brand insists on quality-oriented, focusing on service, and providing products that everyone loves.

We compare the standard 3-ton manual hydraulic trucks of different brands (from left, HERO brand, M brand, N brand), and show the HERO brand’s quality control through picture details.

1. Handle

HERO brand adopts rubber-coated handles, which are beautiful and comfortable. The 30mm diameter steel pipe is firmly welded and is solid and reliable. The manual pressure relief switch is provided for easy operation.

2. Top support of the pump

HERO brand uses auxiliary steel structure support and extended welding length to ensure the firmness of the load-bearing support points.

3. Pump specifications

HERO brand, M brand and N brand all use 35mm diameter AC integrated pumps to provide reliable lifting capacity. The integrated casting structure also ensures the strength of the connection part. There are no welding points, making it stronger and more durable than DF welded pumps.

4. Convenient for maintenance

HERO brand and M brand use original AC pumps, which are easy to disassemble and repair.

N brand has added a welding process, which reduces the leakage of hydraulic oil, but once damaged, it can only be replaced as a whole.

5. Leverage structure

HERO brand and N brand have added two ‘rib’ structures to the lever arm. As an important part of transmitting lifting force, it is very necessary to strengthen the lever arm in a targeted manner.

6. Material of lever structure

HERO brand uses 16mm steel plate, which is formed by cold forging process. The material is solid and leaves no weak structural hazards.

7. Back plate steel thickness

The HERO brand back panel uses 4mm steel plate to provide the most reliable strength!

8. Frame connector

HERO uses square tube steel, which has higher strength than C-shaped steel.

9. Frame welded reinforced steel plate

The HERO brand has welded reinforced steel plates on weak and easy-to-tear parts to avoid unexpected damage.

10. Completed welding

The HERO brand adopts a complete welding process of one-time molding to ensure the reliability and stability of power transmission to the greatest extent.

11. Fork welding reinforced steel plate

The HERO brand uses 4*80mm steel plates to increase the strength of the forks. As a component in direct contact with goods, the fork is prone to deformation and damage due to its length. We use 4*80mm steel plates to increase the maximum load-bearing capacity.

M brand uses 8*40mm steel plates spliced together.

N brand uses 4*70mm steel plate.

12. Fork steel plate thickness

HERO brand forks also insist on using 4mm steel plate material to give you the most reliable lifting support.

13. Welded load-bearing wheel frame

The HERO brand leaves no gaps in the welding of the load-bearing wheel frame. Even if the road is rough and the working conditions are harsh, it can still be used safely.

14. Load-bearing wheel structure

The HERO brand adds buffer pads to the pins of the load-bearing wheel frames to prevent damage to the body structure from accidental impacts and sideways deflection of cargo. At the same time, auxiliary wheels are added to the fork tail to cope with various slopes.

The above is the HERO brand’s detailed quality description of manual pallet trucks. Thank you for reading.

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