Chinese Chess Master Hà Nhím—HERO Brand Image Spokesperson

Chinese Chess Master Hà Nhím—HERO Brand Image Spokesperson


As the spring breeze blows gently, the HERO brand has received exciting news. Hà Nhím, a high-profile chess player, officially joined us and became the image spokesperson of the HERO brand. The achievement of this cooperation indicates that the HERO brand is about to embark on a new journey in brand building and market expansion.

Hà Nhím, with his superb skills and unique personal charm, has won widespread praise and love in the chess community. She not only pursues excellence in chess, but also wins the respect of the public with her positive and confident image and sense of social responsibility. These qualities of Hà Nhím are perfectly aligned with the core values of the HERO brand.

Since its establishment, the HERO brand has always adhered to the spirit of innovation and responsibility, and is committed to providing users with high-quality products and services. Our product line covers manual forklifts, manual stackers, electric forklifts and other forklift fields. We aim to bring convenience to the lives and work of our users through high-quality forklifts.

Hà Nhím becoming the image spokesperson of the HERO brand will not only enhance the brand’s popularity and market competitiveness, but also convey the concepts and values of the HERO brand to the public through her influence. We firmly believe that through close cooperation with Hà Nhím, the HERO brand will be able to better win the trust of consumers and jointly embark on a journey full of challenges and opportunities.

We are looking forward to our cooperation with Hà Nhím and believe that it will be a wonderful and successful cooperation. Let us witness the brilliant future created by the HERO brand and Hà Nhím together.

Thank you for your continued attention and support to the HERO brand. We will continue to adhere to the quality-driven, service-first development strategy, move forward together with Hà Nhím, continue to explore and advance, and turn all challenges into opportunities. Let us look forward to the HERO brand bringing more surprises and achievements in the future.