Attention people purchasing from China! Help you earn 50% more profit in one minute! ! !
As we all know, China is the world’s factory. Why has China become the world’s factory? It’s not because the price of Chinese workers is low (it’s even lower in Africa), nor because China has more minerals (China relies on imports). The real reason is that China has a complete and strong “industrial chain.”

What is an “industry chain”? . Take the familiar pallet truck as an example. Usually the independent accessories of hydraulic oil pumps, wheels, handles, and forks are produced by four completely different companies, A, B, C, and D. The job of the manual forklift manufacturer (E) is to collect the accessories and complete the Assemble. There are a total of 5 companies participating here.

With this concept in mind, we will explain it further. If the production department (E1), marketing department (E2), and purchasing department (E3) of the manual forklift production company (E) are separated. Turn them into independent companies, so that (E1), (E2), and (E3) become links in the “industrial chain”. They cooperate with each other to complete the work, but they are not dependent on each other.

These three companies (E1), (E2), and (E3) will continue to optimize their upstream and downstream partners to reduce costs and improve competitiveness. And this is the amoeba management model proposed by Mr. Kazuo Inamori, the god of Japanese management. The only difference is that Mr. Kazuo Inamori applies this management plan to different departments within the company, while in China it is applied to thousands of independent small companies.

So, if you want to source goods from China at competitive prices. You just need to find competitive prices and stable quality. There is no need to consider whether it is the production department (E1) or the trading department (E2). Because all companies rely on the “industrial chain”, and every company in this “industrial chain” is seeking to maximize its own profits, no one will give up their profits easily.

To sum up, as a participant, the only thing you have to do is to optimize your upstream suppliers and downstream customers.

Thank you for reading, I hope it helps.