The life of some lifting products can be extended. The key to extension lies in the maintenance and storage of the hoist after use. Let’s take the chain as an example to explain how to store it to prolong its life and save costs. It is mainly divided into the following five parts.
1. Avoid storing in a humid environment to cause chemical reactions to form rust and damage the quality of the electric hoist chain.
2. Do not put it in a place with high temperature or direct sunlight. When exposed to direct sunlight, the surface temperature of the electric hoist chain will rise, and thermal expansion and contraction will change the physical properties of the chain, causing it to break during use.
3. Putting the electric hoist chain in a corrosive chemical environment will seriously corrode the surface of the chain sprocket. Generally, most of the chains commonly used in corrosive environments are galvanized chains or nickel-plated chains.
4. After the hoist is used, the chain should be cleaned, and the machine lubricating oil should be applied for storage.
5. When the gourd is not used for a long time, anti-rust treatment and cleaning and maintenance should be done, and it should be run up and down for 1-3 minutes to maintain its performance.